“In more than 31 years in business, I have found that businesses do business with people. I truly believe that will always be the case, at least in my lifetime. The constant pursuit of significant improvement is very high on the chart of our business team and its leadership. We were looking to gain a greater intuitive understanding of our clients, prospects and marketplace so we can better help them. I was introduced to Laura Bruno. WOW – (With Out Words) is the best description. Laura has insight, expertise on relationships and a delivery method that I have not previously encountered. If you have the opportunity to work with Laura to take your life and business to the next level, you should take action today. If you have any questions about Laura Bruno, please contact me.”
Mike Stromsoe

Stromsoe Insurance, 877.994.6787

“Laura’s programs have had an incredible impact on my Business Brokerage business. As a result of her work, my referrals have more than tripled and my income has more than tripled too! No small feat! Her system is both fun and effective for me to implement and use. If you are responsible for your own businesses success or have a major responsibility to generate your own business, Laura’s programs will be effective for you. It is the most powerful system I have found in the 30+ years of being an entrepreneur. She doesn’t work with everyone she meets, but if you are a seasoned professional looking to break through to another level…she has what you need!”
George Hicks CBI, CBB

The M&A Brokers, 310.480.3401

“Laura is GREAT at her craft. She practices what she preaches and is a delight to be around and work with. She understands Business Relationships and her Seminars & Trainings get you the information you need to know to be more successful. She is the “Authority” on Business Relationships. I strongly recommend you work with her to build and grow your business.”
Dan Thomas

Spectrum Enterprises, 310.753.5552

 “As the International President of the Global Speakers Federation I get to see many business experts and speakers in my world travels. I had the opportunity to see Laura Bruno present in Los Angeles in July 2009 and was very impressed. Her depth of knowledge is obvious and from talking with her participants she walks her talk also. What impressed me most was her ability to hold a room of obvious entrepreneurs spell bound for nearly four hours, sharing stories and information in a way that appealed to everyone in the room. If you are looking for an expert and a brilliant presenter I heartily recommend Laura to you.”
Lindsay Adams

International President, Global Speakers Federation

“I really believe in Laura’s clear and powerful message: “treat others as THEY want to be treated.” It’s her “platinum rule” upgrade to the golden rule and she does a fantastic job in her coaching of helping business owners and professional advisers apply it in their business development and client service efforts. I’ve been a client of Laura, attended her workshops, and recruited her to speak to a couple of different organizations for which I served as a board member. I’m a big fan of her work with the DISC behavioral test.”
Curtis Kaiser

Estate Planning Attorney, 562.343.2843

“Laura A Bruno, you are an amazing life and business coach. Through working with you I have learned so much about myself and others. Your DISC workshop and Motivator analysis has rocked my world personally and professionally. I really enjoy your daily quote action inspirational emails. Talk about opening the box to better insight, thought and enrichment. I look forward to my continued work with you and a successful 2016. Thank you Laura for your insight, coaching and support.”
Raylene Myerson


“I had the privilege of attending the DISC Workshop and I found it to be very informative. Laura is engaging, straightforward, and genuine. To assess myself and have others assess me has given me a new perspective and when Laura sheds light on what you learn, the experience is eye opening. I have urged the members of my firm to attend this workshop. It will aid them tremendously when working with one another, with clients, and when networking. I certainly find myself more conscious of my words and actions and am trying to be more tuned in to the behavioral styles of others. I wholeheartedly endorse Laura Bruno and her DISC Workshop.”
Tina Loza

Attorney, 877.406.5164

“Laura is passionate, knowledgeable, and dynamic. Her classes are impressive to say the least. She has a depth of knowledge that is immeasurable. Laura is able to present the content of courses to a variety of personality types with ease and grace. She is truly a professional and the classes she teaches are extremely valuable to any business owner, entrepreneur, or manager. The tools I learned from Laura have made a difference in my business.”
Andy Shouse


“I have been working with Laura Bruno for months now as my Business Coach. She taught me how to adapt to the styles of other people who are prospects, clients, colleagues, centers of influence, etc. by recognizing their personal style and then treating them the way they want to be treated. In addition, my ProVisors and LinkedIn sites are now fully populated with information that is right on, professional, and to the point. She has also helped me to develop my centers of influence, the key characteristics of my ideal client in a format I can give to others looking to send people my way, and the areas of my business that I most enjoy and where my time is best spent. I am looking forward to accomplishing much more.”
Linda L. Wallace MBA, CLU, ChFC, RN


“Laura has helped my employees and me develop and recognize various personality types to improve our customer relations and our interpersonal skills. Her instruction is not only very informative its fun and has so many applications, I highly recommend her course for anyone in their own business.”
Scott Cormany

Waterjet West, 760.471.2600

“If you’re looking for a way to build more meaningful business relationships, I strongly suggest that you pick up the phone and call Laura immediately. What I pay for her help is nominal in comparison to what I get out of my relationship with her. Quite simply, she is one of the most incredible people that I have ever met.  Having Laura at my side has greatly accelerated my learning curve with how to market myself and it has instilled in me a great deal of confidence. I can’t even begin to share how many over-the-top Laura Bruno endorsements have already poured out of me, but I’m certain they will continue and grow stronger as my relationship with her develops.”
Ken Besada

Kaye Capital Management, 310.415.5760

“Laura has been a speaker at the Challenger Networking Group which I facilitate. I have done this group and the on that preceded it for seventeen years, so I have seen a large number of speakers. Laura is in the top 5% of the speakers I have seen over the years.”
Dick Kaumeyer

Retained Executive Search

“While growing my business, I had lots of questions and would not be where I am today without Laura’s continued coaching and support. She understands the mindset and can anticipate necessary changes and adjustments to make a business a success.”
Brian Walker

Insurance , 951.672.3476

“I was fortunate to hear Laura speak at a networking event in 2011 and she caught my attention with her fresh/deeper approach to professional networking. I was searching for a way to bring in more and better leads for my own consulting business since my current methods weren’t working as well as I would have liked. After taking her classes and meeting with her one on one, I can say that Laura absolutely has the goods! Since I started using her methods my leads and referrals have doubled. Even better, the quality of these referrals is far superior and my overall revenue has increased 100%. She is one of the best trainers I have ever been exposed to. If you are a consultant, independent contractor, business owner or sales rep, take her courses, you will see results!”
Nancy Clauss

Sage Business Consulting, 714.225.9981

“Laura started ‘Practicing what she preaches’ when I first met her. She found out what type of business I owned, she listened, and instantly knew who I need to ‘partner with. To this day, over 5 years later, I work with that business which Laura introduced me to. The impressive thing about this is she knew me for 5 minutes and was already helping me grow my business! But what she what she taught me was how to build relationships. Laura is a wonderful teacher and an even more wonderful person. Her class is a valuable tool for new business owners seeking to spend less time “cold-calling” and waiting for the phone to ring, and more time creating an effective sales force through business partners.”
Steve Lawyer

Shred -N-Go, 951.506.1826

“I have attended many of Laura’s classes and have found them to be quite useful. The benefit is that one can identify and isolate ones strengths and weaknesses when making introductions and following up. Understanding the relationship process is very different than understanding the sales process. I really appreciated the personal one-on-one time Laura gave me. It is such a wonderful feeling to have someone really want to understand what I do and who I serve. Laura then helped me create a clear target market outline that I can share with others who want to refer my ideal client to me as well as to differentiate myself from others. Thanks Laura!!”
Janise Graham

CLTC, 909.633.5200

“I’ve worked with Laura on several occasions and in different capacities. She has been a student of mine, I have been a student of hers and we have collaborated together on several projects. Laura understands networking and building relationships. She will go out of her way to help you get the results you’re looking for in your networking activities. She offers incredible knowledge/training, is very connected and has a “give to receive mindset.” If you would like to take your networking abilities and results to the next level, I highly recommend you connect with Laura.”
Rick Itzkowich

Trainer and Speaker, Rick Itzkowich Consulting, 858.456.7653

“Laura believes in the power of people. Laura has coached and trained me to gain the confidence to connect with people in order to help them since 2009. She helped move me from a person that prefers not to work with people to one that can easily get work done with people. The happy result is that it has increased our marketing results by nearly 100%! She trains a proven process through her program AND she trains the application of working with people through her DISC training. On top of that, should you need an engaging speaker for your association events, she will bring the house to its feet!”
Lynn Coffman

Coffman & Valentine, 951.551.0227

“Laura was a keynote speaker at the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB) 2011 Conference. Her presentation was very informative and stimulating, and many of us left with great lists of actionable items. I look forward to hearing her again!”
Ron Johnson

M&AMI, CBI, CBB, Fellow of the IBBA, 925.838.8150

“Our company hired Laura Bruno to conduct DISC training for our 20 employees. We were somewhat hesitant and skeptical at first, but Laura quickly developed a rapport with our group. After ensuring us that the training would be fun, we loosened up and truly had an enjoyable learning experience. Remarkably, our employees have begun using the terminology and concepts in their everyday dealings with fellow employees and clients. I would not be surprised if many of them have begun to use the concepts learned in their personal lives as well. We truly learned how to better interact with different types of people, and I believe that we will improve our overall ability to provide customer service as well. Thank you.”
Jeff Nigro

Nigro & Nigro CPA , 951.698.8783

“Laura has expert knowledge and a proven “system”. She is passionate about what she does, and she delivers her message/content with transparency and autonomy, which is VERY refreshing in a world full of “HOT AIR”… (Two Thumbs up!)
Brian Kevin Johnston


“Laura is an exceptional teacher, coach and trainer. She is warm and detailed, and gives amazing tools, tips and techniques on business relationships and success in a very original informative manner.”
Kim Somers

Life Coach, 714.423.8174

“I am a graduate of Laura’s training programs. I highly recommend the programs. By learning to build solid business relationships within the community, I have been able to double my revenue since taking the class. I continue to use these strategies every day. Thank you Laura!!”
Lori D. Marruffo


“At the core of every successful business is the strength of its relationships. Laura brings this reality to light in her awesome program content and coaching style. Thank you Laura for helping me get “My ask in gear”.
Mark Barragan

CEO Coach at Estrada Strategies, 888.597.4326